Brother Albert 4X, Donates Books to Community Birdhouse in Southeast Houston

Our book store was able to contribute books to a birdhouse in a community located on the  Southeast side  of  Houston, Texas. Bro. Albert 4X passed a bird house in his neighborhood, and decided to purchase books from our book store to donate to the children. He shared with me that he wanted  to make  a donation of books to the bird house to make sure that the children in his neighborhood  have a variety of books to read. He  also mentioned how he would like to continue ordering books to contribute to the birdhouse once a month. We are so proud and grateful to be a part of Brother Albert's great work so we donated a few extra books to help out as well. 


To make a donation to help build home libraries of  low income families please use our CashApp QR Code below and thank you for your support!