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We Specialize in Quality Children's Books​


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Chemistry for Children: Elements of The Periodic Table 

by John & Nadine Muhammad

This children's ebook was written by my husband John Muhammad and I and it is dedicated to our daughter Mariyah who is a "genius" in our family.  She is in her fourth year of college majoring in Mathematical Biology in college. She is an inspiration to young and high school age children. This book teaches young children w​here they would find elements of the periodic table in real life.


 To order this digital book please use the following link:

The Benefits of Advertising on Social Media Platforms by Nadine Muhammad

There are many benefits that small businesses will gain when they use social media platforms as a part of their marketing strategy. This eBook discusses the benefits of small businesses using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube as a part of their marketing plan. In the past, small businesses would struggle to afford the high-cost of advertising on television, radio billboards, and printed media like newspapers and magazines. Now, small businesses can grow their organization by promoting their brands on social media network platforms.

To order use the following link below:

Nadine's 19 Easy Recipes That Will Keep Your Family Healthy For Years by Nadine Muhammad

To order this ebook cookbook that has many healthy vegetarian dishes for you to prepare for you family  like: baked salmon, Jamaican jerked salmon, salmon quiche, broccoli quiche, lentil soup, and navy bean soup use the following link: