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Advantages and Disadvantages of DIY Website Builders Like Shopify



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According to a SBA article written by Anita Cambell, DIY websites, like Shopify have many advantages. Some of the advantages listed in the article are: 

  • You get professional designs. Most,  also have mobile templates or responsive designs that display well on all screen sizes.
  • Inexpensive! It’s possible to get a “free” website, although you should opt for a paid plan as it won’t have ads and you can use your own domain address. Paid plans typically run less than $30 a month.
  • Content can be updated instantly – you can even switch designs on the fly. Simply log on to your DIY dashboard and make changes. No need to put in a request to your developer.
  • Hosting, security, and software fixes are handled by the platform.

(Cambell, 2018)

The disadvantages of DIY website builders mentioned in the article include the following:  

  • The limited customization available may not meet your needs. Usually you get a package with pre-determined features or a few à la carte add-ons.
  • The DIY approach is easy, but does require you to be hands on and takes time.
  • You may be limited to online help pages or email for support. Telephone support may cost extra — or may not be available.
  • If you stop using that particular DIY platform, you have to start over again somewhere else. You can’t take your site with you.
  • (Cambell, 2018)


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