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Family Reading Tips



Encourage literacy in your home and community. Here are some great tips to start everyone on the road to reading.

  • Book family time to read with your children every day.
  • Create a special reading place in your home, with your child's favorite books within reach.
  • Encourage children to read words on TV, street signs, mugs and T-shirts.
  • Have a child read a book to you.
  • Keep teens reading. Give them books, newspaper articles and magazines about things that interest them – music, movies, TV and computers.
  • Organize a children's book club with friends in your neighborhood.
  • Quiet, cozy reading spaces are good places for your child to read independently.
  • Remember that children learn by example – if you recognize the importance of reading, your children will too!
  • Turn off the TV - pick up a book instead!

Start early! It's never too early to read to your children.

Source: Reading Rockets