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Interview with Author, Denise Renee Muhammad, a Certified Aromatherapist

 Photo Credit: DeNise R. Muhamad

In my interview with DeNise R.  Muhammad,  she shared with me the story behind her book, Overcome Hypertension Naturally: 8 Life Essences that Support a Healthy Blood Pressure.  that teaches how to overcome hypertension naturally by using 8 Life Essences (Essential Oils) to support a healthy blood pressure.

Nadine Muhammad: Please, would you tell our readers about yourself?

DeNise Muhammad:  I am Sister DeNise Renee Muhammad  an MGT, Mother and Multi-Entrepreneur. I am a  Certified Aromatherapist, Author, and Credit Repair Consultant. I have introduced and helped a countless number of people to the healing powers of aromatherapy and has assisted many individuals in navigating financial hurdles through credit repair and financial literacy.  I am dedicated to enhancing lives both aromatically and financially.

Nadine Muhammad:  What is your motivation for writing your book?

DeNise Muhammad: I was motivated to write this book because I wanted to share the healing power of essential oils and how they can naturally help bring balance to ailments that we suffer with.

Nadine Muhammad: Would you  tell us what your book is  about?

DeNise Muhammad: Overcoming Hypertension Naturally is about using essential oils to support a healthy blood pressure.


Nadine Muhammad: What are the benefits that readers will obtain from reading your book, and how will their lives be transformed? 

DeNise Muhammad: In this book, the readers will learn what hypertension is, what causes it, and what they can do to prevent it. They will also learn specific essential oils that can be used to support a healthy blood pressure and the benefits of the essential oils besides their use for high blood pressure. In addition, the reader will learn how to properly use the oils. There is a bonus section section where they would learn which essential oils support diabetes. This book is packed with helpful information for the reader. As a disclaimer, I am not a medical doctor. This information is for educational purposes. Please consultant your physician before use if you’re on medication.

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