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Evaluating Your Website Design: Customers Should Be The Focus


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In an article titled, Determinants of Successful Website Design: Relative Importance and Recommendations for Effectiveness, the authors discuss how in  designing a website, it  should be evaluated on how well it markets the business' products and services, and how well it keeps the customer at the focus. Does your website market  the products and services you offer, has customers as the focus, and is customer friendly? Well, here are a list of recommendations that business should implement when evaluating  the design and marketing  their website.

The article mentions that a  business should  promote their site by "listing keywords and then submit the page to important search engines like Yahoo and HotBot (Wilson, 1997), create a page for each product and register each page with a search engine, arrange reciprocal links with other business Websites, and include URL on stationery, business cards, brochures, and any company literature sent out to customers" (Gehrke & Turban, 1999).


 Another recommendation provided in the article includes the following: "Find out what the customer wants. One way to collect customers’ wishes is to track their interests. Once you know what your customers want, you can serve them better"(Gehrke & Turban, 1999).


 The final  recommendation offered to business owners in the article  is to " find out what the customer wants  by conducting surveys by  using online questionnaires. Amazon, for example, lets customers know (by e-mail) when their favorite author publishes a new book or when a new book is published on a topic of their interest. Expedia ( will push travel information to your designated sites" (Gehrke & Turban, 1999).

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Gehrke, D., & Turban, E. (1999). Determinants of successful website design: relative importance and recommendations for effectiveness. In Proceedings of the 32nd Annual Hawaii International Conference on Systems Sciences. 1999. HICSS-32. Abstracts and CD-ROM of Full Papers (pp. 8-pp). IEEE.

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