Interview with Author and Founder of Urbantoons, King Ki'el

In my interview with author and founder of Urbantoons, King Ki'el, he shared with me the story behind his children's book, Black Moses, Rise of Marcus Garvey.
Nadine Muhammad: Please, would you tell our readers about yourself?
King Ki'elHello, esteemed readers! I am the visionary force and founder behind Urbantoons, an innovative publishing house dedicated to enriching the children’s literary landscape with stories of empowerment, diversity, and inspiration. As an accomplished author, I have written 20 transformative books and illustrated 53 narratives that capture the imagination and spirit of our vibrant culture. Beyond the pen and paper, I extend my storytelling into the dynamic world of 3D animation, breathing life into characters and tales that engage young minds on multiple platforms. My journey is propelled by a deep commitment to filling the void in children’s literature, ensuring that African American heroes, historical figures, and cultural tales are not just footnotes but central figures in the stories our children grow up with. Through Urbantoons, I strive to create a world where every child sees themselves as the hero of their own story, inspired by the likes of Marcus Garvey, whose legacies of leadership, pride, and unity light the way for future generations. 
Nadine Muhammad: What is your motivation for writing your book?
King Ki'el:  My drive to write about Marcus Garvey stems from a profound admiration for his indelible impact on the African diaspora and the civil rights movement. In a landscape where our heroes are often overlooked, it was essential for me to spotlight Garvey’s story, bringing his message of empowerment, self-reliance, and unity to the forefront for our young readers. This book is more than a biography; it’s a beacon of inspiration, crafted to ignite the spirit of leadership and community within our children, encouraging them to embrace their heritage and to continue Garvey’s legacy of change and empowerment. 
Nadine Muhammad:  Would you  tell us what your book is about?
 King Ki'el: This book is a vibrant odyssey through the life and achievements of Marcus Garvey, reimagined for young minds. It delves into his pioneering vision for the Pan-African movement, his unwavering commitment to economic independence, and his influence on subsequent leaders fighting for justice and equality. By marrying historical facts with engaging storytelling and vivid illustrations, the book not only educates but also inspires. It portrays Garvey not merely as a figure from the past but as a timeless hero, whose ideals of unity and self-determination are as relevant today as ever.
Nadine Muhammad: What are the benefits that readers will obtain from reading your book, and how will their lives be transformed? 
King Ki'el: Engaging with this book, readers are taken on an enlightening expedition, gaining insight into Garvey’s philosophies and their enduring significance. It’s designed to cultivate pride in African American heritage, a comprehension of collective strength, and the importance of self-confidence. The narrative encourages readers to dream without limits, to stand unwavering in their convictions, and to champion the cause of unity and social justice. This book serves as an empowering tool, aiming to mold readers into well-informed, confident individuals who value their history and are inspired to be catalysts for positive change in their communities.
King Ki'el: Thank you for allowing me to share the essence of my work and the spirit behind the Marcus Garvey book. At Urbantoons, our mission continues to be one of education, inspiration, and empowerment, using the power of storytelling to light the way for future generations.
Nadine Muhammad:  You're welcome! Thank you Brother King Ki'el for all that you have done and continue to do  for the advancement of our people and specifically our children. What a beautiful story behind your book!!   
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