Interview with Author, Attorney and Former Judge, Dr. Warren F. Muhammad


 Photo Credit: Warren F. Muhammad


In my interview with author, attorney and former judge, Dr. Warren F, Muhammad,  he shared with me the story behind his  book, A Case for Separation.


Nadine Muhammad: Please, would you tell our readers about yourself?

Warren Muhammad: My name is Warren F. (Wali) Muhammad. I was born in Houston Texas and raised in the community which I love, Acres Homes, the 44! I am an attorney, in my 45th year of private practice. I am the proud father of four sons and one daughter, and also have four beautiful grandchildren. I am a Muslim, having first accepted my own in 1977 and have been a registered member of the Nation of Islam, Mosque 45 since 1989.

Nadine Muhammad:  What is your motivation for writing your book?

Warren Muhammad: I did not really intend to write a book initially. For several years, I had the opportunity to lecture at the mosque on occasion. As is my practice, when I would get an inspiration for a subject to talk about, I would conduct extensive research into the subject matter and prepare a very detailed presentation covering disciplines of history, science, politics and religion as it related to my subject. I began to become aware of a demand for the lectures as individuals would come to me asking for a copy of the lecture or preferable a transcript so they could study it. Consequently, I selected a number of lectures, had them transcribed and compiled them into the book we have today.

Nadine Muhammad: Would you  tell us what your book is  about?

Warren Muhammad: The book, “A Case For Separation” is a compilation of lectures, each of which deals with some aspect of Separation. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that Separation is the Best and Only Solution to the race problem in  America. So I attempted to approach “Separation” from various perspectives, including legal analysis, since my training and profession is the law. The book is a wide ranging exploration of the feasibility and applicability of Separation to the condition of the Black man and woman in America.


Nadine Muhammad: What are the benefits that readers will obtain from reading your book, and how will their lives be transformed? 

Warren Muhammad: I would hope that the readers would benefit from the expensive research that went into the preparation of the lectures that form the book and in some way be stimulated to consider “Separation” as a serious alternative in the discourse concerning our condition in America and the future options and strategies, we may employ in our quest for freedom justice and equality. I also think the readers lives may be transformed by the opening up in their minds of consideration of a possible solution that they may have never considered or taken seriously as it concerns our sojourn here in America. Because of the breadth of research and analysis contained therein, I feel that the book has applicability the condition of the black man and woman throughout the world and is therefore universal in it’s reach. At least I hope so. 

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