The Design Concept in Sustainable Construction

The first law of thermodynamics describes the behavior of matter. In construction the building components consist of matter, so we construct a structure with the knowledge of the laws in mind because these laws apply to our structures (Leffers,2010). An example of the law of gravity as it applies to construction is the weight of the roof of a structure. If the weight of the roof does not have the proper member supporting it, the structure would collapse. This is a practical
application of the understanding of the law of thermodynamics and how it benefits the builder in the design of a structure (Leffers,2010).
The concept of “cradle to cradle,” is the understanding of materials used in construction not having an end to its use. After it is used as a component of a structure and the structure has become deteriorated and demolished, the component does not get discarded. It could be reassigned for a future use (Leffers,2010). An example of the "cradle to cradle" concept is rubber use and reuse. After rubber is harvested from trees, it is used in the manufacture of automobile tires. Used tires can be recycled. After the rubber has been used in tires, it can then be reused as an ingredient in asphalt which is used for pavements of roads and playgrounds thereby avoiding being discarded in landfills. 
The concept of “cradle to grave” is the use of construction material/resource for the of purpose being a component of a structure (Leffers,2010). After the structure is no longer in use, the material/resource is demolished and discarded as trash. Lumber is a construction material/resource. It begins as a seed in the earth. The seed grows into a tree. The tree is harvested and transported to a mill. At the mill the tree is processed into lumber. The lumber is transported to a construction site and used in construction of a structure. When the structure becomes deteriorated and is no longer in use, it is demolished. The used lumber is then transported to a landfill and discarded.
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John Muhammad, President/Owner of Nation’s Builders, Host of the Business Building Blocks Podcast, Graduate Student of the University of Texas at El Paso majoring in Construction Management M.S., B.S Degree from Texas Southern University, former Site Health and Safety Specialist for the renovation of the Administration Building of the Johnson Space Center at NASA and former Superintendent for semi-custom home builder, Emerald Homes.
Leffers, R. (2010). Sustainable construction and design. Pearson.