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Four Advantages a Website Brings to Business Owners



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There are many advantages to business owners having a website. In the article The Advantages and Limitations of Ecommerce to Both Customers and Businesses, the author analyzes the advantages that business owners get as a result of having a website. 

The first advantage  that a website brings to business owners mentioned in the article include the following: " One of the major advantages of e-commerce is that it helps reduce the cost of opening and operating a store (Niranjanamurthy, Kavyashree, Jagannath & Chahar, 2013). E-commerce has enabled businesses owners to start their store from their home or warehouse or even a small office, reducing their rental cost. The store setup cost is another reduction in the initial store investment, as through opening an e-commerce website most of the setup expenses are eliminated including the store interior/exterior design, equipment, furniture, point of sales display and signage (Niranjanamurthy et al., 2013).  (Al Tamer, 2021).

A second advantage that a website brings to business owners  include, "the cost of labor, as you will need less employees to manage your operations (Niranjanamurthy et al., 2013). In traditional stores you need salespeople, security staff, cashiers, inventory gate keepers and others. While operating an ecommerce website backed up with robotics and AI, can be managed by a lower number of employees (Al Tamer, 2021).

A third advantage that a website brings to business owners include the following "providing them with a wider reach for their store, as they can sell their products internationally rather than locally. Online selling has opened the opportunity for businesses to reach four billion internet active users rather than being limited to the few thousands that can access their store in the local territory" (Al Tamer, 2021). 

Finally, the fourth advantage that business owners get from having a website  "is giving them access to a vast amount of customer data and insights instantly (Akter & Wamba, 2016). Every action a customer takes on the website is recorded, from the products he purchased to the carts he abounded, to the pages he viewed and much more. Businesses now can collect data through their analytics tools that help them make informed decisions in terms of optimization (Akter & Wamba, 2016). 


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Nadine Muhammad has a Master of Science in Economic Development and Entrepreneurship. She is the owner of an online bookstore Nation's Products.


Al Tamer, M. (2021). The advantages and limitations of e-commerce to both customers & businesses. BAU Journal-Creative Sustainable Development2(2), 6.

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