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God's Purpose for The Institution of Marriage


God's Purpose for Marriage

In order to build strong marriages and families, we must turn to God to learn his purpose for the Institution of marriage, and the purpose for the male and female. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, in an article in the Final Call Newspaper,  states the following: "What are Allah’s (God’s) thoughts and ways for human beings, for the institution of marriage, and, for the development of family? His thoughts and His ways are found in the nature of what He created. Let us then look into the Bible and Qur’an to find Allah’s (God’s) purpose for the male and the female and His purpose for marriage, and His purpose for family(Farrakhan, 2022). Also, mentioned in the article is that "The suffering of the human being—the poverty, ignorance, neglect and disease of the human family—bears witness that we are indeed a long, long way from what Allah (God) desires for us" (Farrakhan, 2022). 

Purpose of the Female

"He created the woman for the man. The word that is used in the Bible is help meet. The female, according to the Bible, is created by Allah (God) to help the man meet the obligation that Allah (God) has put within the nature of the male. The Qur’an teaches us that Allah (God) created the woman as the consoler of the man. This teaches us that in the very nature of the female is her ability, desire and will to console" (Farrakhan, 2022). 

Purpose of the Male

"The Qur’an teaches that Allah (God) created the male “a degree above” the female. Degree”: “A stage in a scale of rank or station.”  This teaches us that Allah (God) intended for the man to be in authority over the female. This is why He created him a degree above the female" (Farrakhan, 2022). 

Solution to Rebuilding The Family

Finally, the Minister provides  the solution to the problem of females  being frustrated  and in pain over the lack of development of the man."We can reverse this trend only if the Black man can be reflective of the characteristics of Allah (God) by submitting to Allah (God) that He may guide the Black man to being himself. When the Black man is himself, reflecting the characteristics of Allah (God), the soul of the female will be satisfied, then, she can be as Allah (God) created her to be, man’s consoler; and, man will find peace and quiet of mind in her, for, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said to us, “The only heaven for man is found in the woman.” (Farrakhan, 2022). 

Book  to Help Build Strong Marriages

My book, that I coauthored with my husband,  100 Principles of A Successful Marriage, is highly recommended to help in building strong marriages that are rooted in divine love  in our community. We researched and compiled 100 divine principles of marriage into one book from various lectures of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.  Use the following link below to get  a copy of the Book,


Farrakhan, L.(2022). Rebuilding The Family. The Final Call.

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