Top 10 Books for Black Children




It is important for parents to get books for Black children where the characters look like them. Nneka Ruiz Montalvo (2021), provides the following reasons that Black representation matters in books:

  • Representation Books are mirrors, reflecting an aspect of our own lives, hopes and dreams back at us. Reading is therefore a form of self-affirmation. The ‘mirror’ experience is exactly why representation matters. When children see themselves reflected in their reading material, they feel validated.
  • Affirmation– Many of the books with Black main characters celebrate a child’s brown skin and afro-textured hair. This leads to self-acceptance and builds a child’s self-esteem, self-image and confidence.
  • Inspiration Many books with Black main characters feature children in leadership or STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) roles. This gives Black children inspiration to believe in themselves and become high achievers. When children see someone who looks like them doing something they never thought of, it makes them think ‘This could be me someday!’.


 After doing research to find some of the best books for Black children, here is a list below of the top 10 books for Black children  of any age:

  1. I Love My Hair
  2. My Doctor Looks Like Me 
  3. Dream Big Little One
  4.  Chemistry for Children: Elements of The Periodic Table
  5. Bippity Bop Barbershop 
  6. Chocolate Me!
  7. I Am Amazing
  8. Dancing in the Wings
  9. I Am Enough
  10. Have You Thanked An Inventor Today?