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Why Should We Eat Broccoli?


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In an article in The Final Call Newspaper, titled,  Eat the Best of Things, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, states the following:  "THERE ARE MANY vegetables that we could eat if the right kinds are pointed out to you. Stay away from collard greens and cabbage sprouts, such food is horse and cattle food. Oh, I know what you may say, my Black Brothers and Sisters, “I have been eating it all my life and my grandmother and father ate it and they lived 65, 75, or 80 years.” That is no time to live! You need to live not under 100 years, and from that to one thousand years" (Muhammad, 2024).

One of those vegetables that we should eat that is the "right kind" is broccoli. We should add this vegetable to our daily diet. In the article, Health Benefits of Broccoli. Influence of Pre- and Post-Harvest Factors on Bioactive Compounds, the authors discuss how eating broccoli protects us against some disease since it is  a  rich source of  flavonoids, vitamins and mineral nutrients.

Also mentioned in the article is that " the vitamin C  in broccoli has demonstrated antioxidant activity that protect against free radicals such as reactive oxygen species in the  body so that these have also been strongly associated with a reduced risk of chronic diseases" (Moreno et al., 2007).

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Muhammad, E.  (2024) The  Final Call Newspaper.

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