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Word Search Puzzles Motivate Students to Learn New Vocabulary



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A study conducted by scientists in Iran and Indonesia of elementary and high school students, concluded that teachers should use word search puzzles as a technique to improve student's mastery of vocabulary. The article  discusses how in one experiment,  "Teaching Vocabulary Through Word Search Puzzles to the Fifth Grade Students of PGRI Pontianak in Indonesia ” selected word search puzzles in conducting her pre-experiment design. She used this word game in teaching vocabulary. From her research, this word game was described effective in improving her students’ vocabulary achievement because the student’s got significant scores in the post-test" (Chesy et al., 2018).

The article points out another research experiment that was conducted in Iran.  According to the author, "For the second previous research, Vossoughi and Zargar (2009) also selected word search as a treatment in teaching vocabulary for their students in Iran. They choose homogeneous sex for their sample, they are females. In the result of their experiment they stated that the students’ score increased significantly.

Based on the research findings, scientists concluded that "Word search puzzles improved the students’ vocabulary mastery. It was shown by the students’ mean score of post-test which is higher than the students’ mean score of pre-test, and the effect size is categorized as high" (Chesy et al., 2018). . Lastly, "word search puzzles motivated the students to learn new vocabulary, it trained the students spelling, it helped the students to memorize the words, and it was fun for the students" (Chesy et al., 2018).

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Chesy, L., Susilawati, E., & Bunau, E. (2018). THE USE OF WORD SEARCH PUZZLES TO TEACH STUDENTS’VOCABULARY MASTERY. Jurnal Pendidikan Dan Pembelajaran Khatulistiwa (JPPK)7(9).

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