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 Need to buy in higher quantities?

Educators can take savings a step further with Quantity Discounts, offering a selection of over 60 million eligible items. These discounts apply when they buy at least two of the same item at the same time. Even more, using Custom Quote buyers can request a discounted price on high volume purchases that are either more than $10,000 or over 999 units. Once the request has been submitted, sellers can reply with an offer and buyers can then decide to place their order for purchase. (Amazon, 2023).

Stock the classroom with low prices, volume discounts, and wholesale savings on educator essentials

It’s no secret that the key to any successful classroom is building a positive learning environment where all students thrive. It’s never too early to start buying materials for specific lesson plans, but at the very least, you should restock basic supplies that educators and students will need on a daily basis (Amazon, 2023).


Keeping your classroom stocked year round

To keep your classroom stocked year-round, we recommend using Business Lists to replenish commonly purchased items such as paper, pens, post-it notes, dry-erase markers, and more. Educators can use Business Lists to create a catalog of their repeat items helping to streamline buying and save time searching and shopping. Once a buyer creates a list, they can reorder from the entire list or order individual items from that list at any time and in different quantities. Each buyer can make their own unique list that suits their needs and even share their lists among other buyers (Amazon, 2023)

What do I need to register for an account?

Use the following link  below to register:

It is free to register for an Amazon Business account. There’s no long-term commitment, and no minimum spend. All you need is your work email and some company information. If we require additional information to verify your business, we’ll let you know. To speed up verification, have these documents ready: EIN (Employee Identification Number), business license, and state documents with an official seal (Amazon, 2023).