Business Plan Template And Example: How To Write A Business Plan: Business Planning Made Simple BBK BKS

Business Plan Template And Example: How To Write A Business Plan: Business Planning Made Simple BBK BKS

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Author: Genadinik, Alex

Brand: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Edition: 1

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 175

Release Date: 07-12-2015

Details: Now used by the University of Kentucky entrepreneurship program, University of Pepperdine, and other colleges and high schools across the US, including graduate programs. See why people are using the revolutionary new way to plan a business outlined in this book, and why they get better results. HOW THIS BOOK IS DIFFERENT AND DELIVERS RESULTS Other business planner books teach traditional business planning with cumbersome templates which cause people to get confused and quit, or write ineffective business plans. STEP 1: This book starts with only a 3-sentence business plan, which helps you identify your core business strategies. STEP 2: After you create your own 3-sentence business plan, you will be guided on how to expand it to a 1-page business plan. STEP 3: After you have a 1-page business plan, you will learn how to expand it into a full and professional business plan. THE BOOK HAS BEEN UPDATED EVERY YEAR SINCE PUBLICATION The latest edition takes you beyond just writing a business plan. Planning is necessary, but over-planning or planning without starting your business leads to failure. That’s why the latest edition of this book gives you skills to become a stronger entrepreneur, launch your business, and succeed once your business is up and running. BENEFITS OF THIS APPROACH Write a higher-quality business plan Identify the most effective strategies for your business Complete your business plan faster Avoid confusion and frustration EXPERIENCED AND AUTHORITATIVE AUTHOR Anyone can claim to be a business expert, but the knowledge in this book comes from the author, Alex Genadinik, who has: Coached over 1,000 entrepreneurs Created top business planning apps Taught tens of thousands of people in his business planning courses Guest-lectured at numerous universities Built multiple successful businesses while being an independent entrepreneur just like you INVEST IN YOUR FUTURE AND FREEDOM Imagine how great your life will be if you are the owner of a successful business, provide for your family, live comfortably, and avoid daily 9-5 stress. Take this step to starting your business, achieve financial independence, and gain the freedom you desire. STRUCTURED AS A BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE One of the chapters in this book is structured like a business plan template with examples for what to write in every section of the business plan. It is meant for you to write your business plan as you read the book. By the end of that chapter, you will have a professional business plan. NOW WITH A CASE STUDY OF A $1,000,000 CLIENT A recent addition in this book is a business plan for a client’s Ecommerce business that I helped take to over $1,000,000 in annual revenue. You’ll see the business plan for that client and more importantly, what we did to get his business to grow. AFTER YOU READ THE BOOK If you are a first-time entrepreneur, after the first few chapters, you will have a much better understanding of business strategies and the steps to get started and succeed. Invest in your future. Get the book today!

EAN: 9781519741783

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Languages: English